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Our work is supported by


Over fifteen years of experience examining the impact of video games


Use of empirical data gathered via quantitative and qualitative methods


Use of standardized tools and scales

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Profiling & evaluating players

•Evaluation of team members beyond gaming skills to predict sustained performance and mental stamina.
•Evaluation of team dynamics and cohesion. 

Enhancing safe & healthy video game training practices

•Identification of playing habits that can undermine athletes’ and team’s performance.
•Tailor strategies to avoid reduction of game performance and preventing physical injuries.

Learning & Training

•Webinars, seminars and workshops on:
•Healthy video game practices.
•Strategies for preventing physical injures and psychological distress.


Evaluation of the games & player behaviour

•Psychological and sensory perceptual impact of game features and structural characteristics.
•Player and gambler behaviour.
•Convergence of gambling and video games.

Gamification of products

•Implementation of game mechanisms into products.

Learning & training

Webinars, seminars and workshops on:
•The psychology of video games and the impact of video games’ structural characteristics and features.
•The convergence of gambling and gaming.


Assistance in psychotherapy involving video game playing or gambling

•Support for establishing differential diagnoses.
•Evaluation of client cases.
•Tools to use in interventions.

Use of video games in health practices

•Evaluation of video games used or developed for therapeutic interventions.
•Support for integrating video games into therapeutic interventions.
•Support in the implementation of psychopedagogic game mechanisms and features for therapeutic interventions.

Learning & training

Webinars, seminars and workshops on:
•The psychology of video games.
•Problematic gaming and gambling.  
•Strategies for establishing differential diagnoses. 
•The convergence of gambling and gaming.


Video game playing, academic performance and well-being

•Evaluation of risks and challenges among students. 
•Tools and strategies for promoting healthy and safe video game playing by students.
•Problematic gaming.

Use of video games in the school

•Evaluation of educational programmes on esports.

Learning & Training

Webinars, seminars and workshops  on:
•Learning about video games for students, teachers or parents.

English, Spanish, Swedish, French

Training & Education

Talks, workshops, webinars, reports, posters.
All kinds of audiences: Adults, children, students, teachers, professionals.


At your office / school / location, or over distance online.

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